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As many of you know, Jerry has done more to promote mechanical puzzles than anyone. More people know him through his wonderful puzzle books, starting with Puzzles Old & New in 1986.

To order any of the following items from Jerry, fill out the order form which will be emailed to Jerry. He will total up your order and let you know where to send a check. Please tell Jerry if you would like the book autographed and/or inscribed.

Jerry Slocum
257 South Palm Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

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The Anchor Puzzle Book - Front Cover $40.00 Slocum, Jerry & Dieter Gebhardt, 2012, (with Jack Botermans, Harold Raizer and Dic Sonneveld), The Anchor Puzzle Book, 152pp, hb, Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation

The amazing stories of 53 new puzzles made of stone.

F. Ad. Richter began selling the first Anchor Stone puzzle in 1890, and the same puzzle is still being produced 120 years later. The first puzzle was the Chinese Tangram and it was so successful that Richter designed and produced four new puzzles within the next two years. His success was due to the attractive look and feel of the stones and by the beautiful graphics by the best German artists on the covers of the boxes and problem books.

This book is a journey of 120 years through the development of amazing puzzles during the turbulence of European history. It tells the stories of the puzzles and shows all of Richterʼs puzzles and their many variations over the years, and it provides more than 650 problems for you to solve from 37 Anchor Stone puzzles.

A DVD is included with the book that contains:

KERAM, The Unknown Anchor Stone Factory
All 4000 problems from the 53 puzzles, and their solutions
Anchor Stone Puzzle Catalogs by Richter from 1890 to 1960
Advertising the Anchor puzzle during 1891
Drawings of Anchor Stones used for the puzzles

Quantity (Add $5.00 for  postage within the U.S., $13.00 for Canada and $17.00 for the rest of the world.

Slocum, Jerry, 2003, (and His Team), The Tangram Book, 192pp, hb, New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

This is the first comprehensive and accurate history of the Tangram and includes over 2000 Tangram problems from many centuries. All in color.

 When purchased directly from Jerry this book includes a special set of Tans in a replica portrait of King Henry IV of France, originally published in 1818.

Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet - Front Cover Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet - Back Cover $10.00 Slocum, Jerry, 1997, Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet and Bestelmeir's Magazine, 1785 to 1823, 59pp, pb, Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation

The first catalogs of puzzles with almost 100 puzzles from 200 years ago.


Optical Illusions and Other Puzzles - Front Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1995, (and Jack Botermans), Tricky Optical Illusions Puzzles, 96pp, pb, New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

Buy from


Compendium of Checkerboard Puzzles - Front Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1983, (and Jacques Haubrich), Compendium of Checkerboard Puzzles, 259pp, pb, Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation

Third edition published in 1997. Everything you could ever want to know about 376 checkeroard puzzles and more.

Puzzles Old & New - Front Cover Puzzles Old & New - Back Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1986, (and Jack Botermans), Puzzles Old & New, How to make and solve them, 160pp, hb and pb, Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press

The first significant book dealing solely with mechanical puzzles. Introduction by Martin Gardner.

New Book of Puzzles - Front Cover New Book of Puzzles - Back Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1992, (and Jack Botermans), New Book of Puzzles, 101 Classic and Modern Puzzles to Make and Solve, 128 pp, hb, New York, NY: W. H. Freeman

Exactly as the title suggests, each page or two is devoted to a single puzzle and how you can make it.

The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles - Front Cover The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles - Back Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1994, (and Jack Botermans), The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles, 152pp, hb, New York, NY: Times Books

A great follow up to Puzzles Old & New.

The Puzzle Arcade - Front Cover Out
Slocum, Jerry, 1996, The Puzzle Arcade, 49pp, pb with enclosures, Palo Alto, CA: Klutz

Typical of all Klutz books, it is hands on with a pouch of classic puzzles attached to the front cover and a lots more inside. Great for the whole family; from seven-year olds to Ph.D.'s.

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