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Puzzle World Productions
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All visits to every page in the web sites on JohnRausch.Com / PuzzleWorld.Org are recorded in the web server's access log. Only the IP address, and the type of browser of the requester are recorded. This access information is periodically reviewed to locate errors, help understand what areas of the site are visited most, what other web sites are referring (linking) to web sites on JohnRausch.Com / PuzzleWorld.Org and the types of searches that provide hits for the sites. A good example of how this data is used is the Puzzle World solution page for puzzle rings. It was obvious from the logs that many people were looking for a way to get their rings back together.

Puzzle collectors who register on the Puzzle Collectors site must provide an email address. They may, optionally, provide a mailing address and telephone numbers. This information is not given to anyone, though it should be obvious that anyone can have access to it. I will remove this information, or a complete entry, for any who makes a request via the provided update form.

Visitors to the Puzzle World Forums are free to provide whatever contact information they choose. If you feel you have made a mistake by providing personal information on this site, I will update the entry.

The Table of Contents page for JohnRausch.Com / PuzzleWorld.Org will attempt to store a session cookie. It is used by the script in the Table of Contents page only and contains no personal information whatsoever. The Puzzle World Forums will use cookies to provide more user friendly use of the forums. You can check the FAQ on the Puzzle World Forums pages for more detailed information.

Questions or comments are welcome.

John Rausch, July 1999, updated December 2018