Put-Together - Anti-Slide

Designer:William Strijbos
Craftsman:William Strijbos
Pieces:15, plus the box

Anti-Slide was the second place winner at the 1994 Hikimi Puzzle Competition in Japan. The objective is to place the fifteen pieces into the box in such a way the none of them can slide in any direction. Each piece is 2X2X1 and the box is 4X4X4.
Bill Cutler analyzed the puzzle using his box-packing program and found the following:

Pieces All Solutions
Not Counting Rotations & Reflections
15 30,144 21
14 379,372 72
13 2,542,490 1
12 9,911,900 3

One of seventy-two solutions with fourteen pieces is shown in the photograph. As you can imagine, this is no easy puzzle when you are using twelve or thirteen pieces. There are no solutions for less than twelve pieces.